Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Woman's Walk in Truth

Vonette Bright is known in many circles because she and her husband were co-founders of Campus Crusade for Christ.  Knowing that I agreed to review A Woman's Walk in Truth: Devotions for Living a Confident Faith.
A Woman's Walk in Truth: Devotions for Living a Confident Faith This is a little book (about 6x4 inches).  The size, along with the padded cover make this seem like a "gift book" though I am sure that many Christian women would enjoy it.

I have not read all of this devotional (nearly 300 pages), but what I have read, I like.  The devotionals are short and thought provoking.  Each day's reading ends with a Bible verse and a "This I Believe" thought.  "This I Believe" thoughts are just a sentence  or two long, but they are nuggets of wisdom for the Christian.  Some are biblical truths while others are more of biblical ideas to combat the world's views

As I stated, the devotionals are short.  They really seem to reinforce God's word.  Many do not want a lengthy devotional if they are going to use it in addition to reading the Bible so this can be beneficial for many.  Please read the next bit knowing that I do not think that I am better than others.  Personally, I thought A Woman's Walk in Truth would be more for a woman who is seeking Jesus or is new to a relationship with Jesus.  Though I really liked what I read, I have decided to pass this book along to someone I know who needs some encouragement right now.

Vonette Bright encourages women to draw closer to God and to choose Him as the foundation for life.  At the end of the this little book the reader finds "Beginning Your Journey of Joy."  In it Vonette Bright describes, in detail, four principals and ideas to help a woman fully understand what it means to trust in Jesus as Savior.  She includes Bible verses and illustrations.

Thank you, Harvest House Publishers for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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