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Friday, May 7, 2010

Green Baby Wipes (Guest Post)

Meet Shirley!  She has a book blog called Surely Words: A Christian Book Review.  She also does a bit writing on her own, and she recently shared with me her article about making your own washable baby wipes!  No more wipes or paper towels!  And now I get to share Shirley's article with you.  Here it is.  Enjoy!

Baby Wipes Are Going Green

In an economy infused with innovations that save money, reduce waste, and monitor environmental impact, the Earth movement has its green thumbs in everything. From natural food, toothpaste, and vitamins to recycled clothes, little has remained untouched by our planet conscious culture. Excitedly, the movement has expanded once again as green parents rebel against baby waste. How? Disposable diapers are history and money saving cloth diapers are back in action. Along with cloth diapers, another popular sidekick has emerged. Home made wipes are the newest green baby innovation. Inexpensive, customizable and Earth conscious, home made wipes are becoming a staple of green parents.

Recipes for the wipes are boundless and usually include baby wash and half a roll of paper towels, but the one below even eliminates paper towel waste. Also in the one below is a secret ingredient that can find a use in every part of baby's life. Begin by purchasing a cylinder shaped container. Containers with lock style lids work best. Air-tight sealed containers work amazing as well. (Such containers can be found at department stores, kitchen stores, and online.) Also, use the traditional roll of paper towel cut to half the length, or purchase baby-size wash cloths. 
In container of choice mix 2 to 3 Tbsp of baby wash with 1 Tbsp of baby lotion. (Choose a lotion with aloe vera or substitute with baby oil.) Stir in two cups of hot, but not boiling water and mix well. Finally add the secret “magic” ingredient, Vitamin E oil to heal and protect baby's skin. A teaspoon or two is plenty and more can be added in the event of diaper rash. (Vitamin E also comes in a chap stick tube that can be applied to all areas of baby's skin including chapped lips, chin, neck, rough knees and diaper rash- best of all, it is an 100% natural healer!)

With the mixture prepared add the wash cloths, close lid tightly and gently roll to completely saturate the cloths. Enough “wipes” should be added to absorb most of the solution. When all the home made wipes are soiled (which won't be long with baby's waste habits) they can be washed in hot water and reused, thus saving money and reducing paper waste. 

There are additional positives to using home made wipes over store bought including the endless possibilities. Recipes like the one above can be added to or altered to fit each baby's needs. Solutions can be customized for sensitive skin or for yeast prone skin, or even just to add a fresh scent. Here is another good tip for when diaper rash rears its ugly head. Run wipe under warm water, rinse out, then apply to skin. This will soothe, calm, clean and begin the healing process without stinging or startling baby's skin. 

The truth comes out. Green parents are doing more than saving a planet. They are finding better ways to make healthier, happier babies (and bottoms!)
Thanks for sharing, Shirley!  Readers, let us know if you try this out!  

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  • Homemade Magic Shell - I remember having Magic Shell once as a child. The chocolate syrup drizzled over my ice cream magically turned crispy hard. Mmm... So I was rather excited t...

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