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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unsuccessful Wallet

Yesterday and today I worked hard on this wallet.  The exterior is the blue floral pattern that coordinate with the stripes.  Though it may appear to function well, it does not.  It is my fault, not the pattern.  The far right pocket can hold stamps, but not a credit card.  I hate how the edges are crooked and mostly not lined up.  And it doesn't even fold evenly in half.  The picture doesn't show just how bad it is.

However, I am not through.  I will try again.  But a different pattern this time!  Maybe two!

The picture above is the Easy Peezy wallet...a free pattern I found.  I like the pattern, and might even try it in the future if I buy some good felt.  If you look at the pattern, it calls for felt and fabric.  Silly me wanted two fabrics. (You know, to match my new purse that I haven't started yet...and yes, these are the fabrics.  I did use interfacing to give it some extra form.)

So instead of a quick and easy wallet, I have a wallet that doesn't quite function.  And it was NOT quick (due to me and my sewing issues and complicating the pattern with two fabrics).  Unless one of my readers has a use for a , it will become my three year old's wallet.  If interested, leave a comment telling me you have use for a wallet that is unloved by its maker, but have no expectations!

I have a pattern to try out and am trying to make my own, too.  (CRAZY, huh?  I have such limited sewing skills...)  But I will ask you a question.  Have you ever heard of the Wonder Wallet?  I'm intrigued, but don't want to spend $7 on a pattern when there are free and less expensive ones out there.  I'm also looking for a daily wallet.


Ticia said...

I've bought the pattern and love it. That's the wallet I'm using right now. Actually I have 3 of them. I use them as my envelopes for Dave Ramsey, totally get the pattern, it's well worth it and has lots of great tips.
If you're ever wondering about a pattern head over to Most of the common patterns have been reviewed by somebody.

Anonymous said...

I have made more than 20 wonder wallets. give me a call. MP

Shirley Ann said...

My sister used to make homemade wallets and tote bags for me. They were so neat, even if she does have slightly hipper tastes than me...

I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a few comments. I really appreciate you doing that. It means a lot.

In response to your question about the Tony Dungy book- There are some denominations that believe if you accept Christ as a child, or at any point in your life, no matter your understanding or genuineness, you are forever saved. They don't believe salvation can be lost.

For instance, a man could accept Christ, than never step foot in a church, crack a bible, say a prayer and live however he wanted. But according to some denominations, he would go to heaven. I don't believe this, and I agree with you that the bible is very clear on the subject.

Tony and his family are practicing Baptists, however I know very many saved, born again Baptists who also disagree with this belief.

I believe that for some, including the Dungy's, they simply believe this because it is more comforting, than admitting a loved one is in Hell or a good person is in Hell...

Most importantly, we need to confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, and back it up with our actions and our thoughts.

Thanks again for stopping by, I am so grateful to receive your comments.

Cindy said...

Your wallet is so cute. I love the fabric. Total bummer that it doesn't work. And just to give your moral a boost. You did way better than I ever could. All I have made is curtains.

Annette W. said...

I just wanted to explain about Shirley's post. I was responding to her post at You can read it for yourself, but in my comment, I said that the Bible is very clear that a person is saved through Jesus Christ.

And I'm so glad!

Miller Moments said...

I'm a terrible sewer, but despite the fact that it might not be working right, it's very cute!

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